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Why We Exist

Humans are better together.

Our culture celebrates the individual. But the truth is that all great things have arisen from collaboration...

...even the individual itself.

You are the result of trillions of cells working together. What if billions of humans learned to do the same?

Our mission is to assist the emergence of a globally collaborative society: a world where our individual actions combine to create collective agency.


What We Do

We work with purpose-driven organizations, focusing on three areas of service:

A brand defines your mission.

It is the DNA of your movement: a visual and verbal language that establishes a shared identity.
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A campaign spreads your mission. 

It seeks out people who share your goals, and directs their individual actions toward a common objective.
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A platform enables your mission.

It allows a network of peers to combine talents and accomplish things they could never do alone.
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How We Do It


We create symbiotic relationships...

Most agencies charge a stiff, up-front fee for services, leading to a painful back-and-forth negotiation process. To the extent that we can, we price jobs based on how successful we are (such as taking a percentage from crowdfunding campaigns).

... and then we have fun.

We've developed a series of Catalytic Games: interactive exercises that get creative juices flowing. When inspiration strikes, we have a proven process for capturing it and putting it to use.


Who We Are

Hi, I'm Micah.

I'm an activist, designer, strategist, and storyteller.

Over the course of a decade, I played a key role in the movement to end the War on Drugs. I led a student organization that grew into an international force, changing dozens of laws at local and national levels. Our work was crucial in shifting the issue from the fringe into the mainstream.

For the past three years, I've embedded myself in the tech community, becoming a member of entrepreneur networks like Summit Series and Sandbox, and assisting dozens of teams with strategy and design.


Keep in touch with Micah:


As the founder and creative director of Collective Agency, I work directly with clients on developing their projects into movements. I also work with a team of Special Agents who bring unique skills to the table.

"Micah is awesome to work with. He helped us dig deeper to find the story that underpins our work, and developed it so we could share the story with others. With his help our crowdfunding campaign was wildly successful."
-Andreas Karelas, RE-volv

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