About us

Welcome to the blog dedicated to psychotic and mental health.

For many years all people suffering from mental diseases were considered second-rate quality, of course not officially, but one could actually see it by sympathetic glances thrown at you, when a person got to know that you are mentally sick. I myself suffered from that a lot.

It took years to understand that I am not second-rate, but just different, and that gave rise to the idea to create this forum for mentally sick. Here I try to present all kinds of information, starting from very general recommendations and to specific advice to those who doubt if he really needs to take the pills prescribed to him by his doctor, for as you understand this matter is very delicate.

The topics covered by me here include both the traditional healing methods and the newest novelties in this field like aroma and color therapy, gestalt techniques etc.

So to finish with the introduction I just want to add that our health in general very much depend on the mental component, so our ideas materials and discussions might come useful to so-called normal people as well.